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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hahaha, alright, it's finally here, for those of you that have been waiting to see this...

So I got all four of my impacted wisdom teeth pulled on the 15th, and I gotta tell you, what a day it was for me. Haha, and to think that I was all excited about getting them pulled out because of the effects to come up for me after the procedure (;
Anyways, so I woke up at 7 in the morning without eating breakfast, put on my BYU shirt and my favorite sweatpants, and then knelt down and prayed that all would go well for today. As we drove up to the office that morning, I tried to calm and prepare myself before going inside because honestly, I was almost scared just enough to not go in. But I felt strong and confident, knowing that I would be watched over and cared for during this whole event, so I went in with a smile.
As they seated me in my chair, I was hooked up to a machine with an IV in my arm and they put sunglasses and a blanket on me. As the doctor came in, he gave me the anesthesia (which knocked me out within a matter of minutes) and he let me know that I was in good hands. It was relieving to hear that, and the last thing I remember was listening to "Good People" by Jack Johnson on the radio and hearing the doctor say, "Alright, everybody, let's get to work..." After that, blackness.

I honestly could not remember any of the car trip back home or passing out on the couch once it was in my sight. When I woke up from my nap, I felt as if my whole memory was blank, and I wondered what had happened to this girl looking at me through the mirror with chipmunk cheeks and a bloody mouth filled with gauze. Haha, but then, my sister offered to show me what had happened before I passed out, and this is what follows... (I edited some of the videos and mixed them together to make this.)

(In case you're wondering, I used Island In The Sun as the background music for this because, to put it this way, it was definitely a vacation for me in whatever world I was currently in at this time.)

Thankfully, the swelling went down in just a few days, and the medicine I had really helped me. I'm also really grateful for my family and friends being able to help me through this whole situation and restore my sanity. Thank you so much, and I love you! <3

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